Are you facing any of these questions:
  1. Are you concerned about growing your business in these tough economic times?
  2. Are you seeing a more sophisticated decision making process that places more scrutiny on investing in your solutions?
  3. Are you seeing increasingly competitive and price sensitive customers?
To positively impact your business growth, our solutions are grouped within these categories:
  1. Foundation: Strategy
  2. Making it happen: Sales Execution
  3. Embedding and sustaining: Leadership
  4. Demand creation: Marketing Execution
  5. Team building: Conference work

We help business owners and CEOs, sales leaders and marketing executives solve real world issues centred on “revenue” generation with a focus on the following target groups:

Business Leaders

  • Strategy: Develop the correct Sales Strategy, Digital Strategy and/or Marketing Strategy to attract and retain the correct clients
  • Sales Execution: Ensure the team can properly engage with clients to create real value and deliver on the strategy
  • Sales and Marketing connections: Integrated approach to sales and marketing with the client at the centre of all your activities for a maximum return

Sales and Marketing Leadership

  • Strategy: Develop the correct Strategy
  • Major Bids: Planning and executing winning bids
  • Coaching: Coach the front-line sales team and/or first line managers
  • Stored Capability: High-impact and sustainable transformation in sales capability

Your Front line team – Partners, Business Developers and Advisers

  • Revitalise and equip the sales team to have different, value creating conversations
  • Ensure the front-line team know how to shape deals and influence client decision making criteria
  • A tightly integrated solution that enabled effective sales coaching to take place in alignment with the sales model to develop the sales competencies of each individual and the team.