What are your key take aways from this workshop? Business owners discuss the quality and insights they experienced by participating in this workshop.

  • “showed me how to generate more sales from existing and new customers”
  • “learnt how the Growth Plan drives my bottom line profit”
  • “I now understand my value proposition”
  • “learnt the importance of permission-based marketing…which helps customers find me”

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Build Your Winning Growth Plan in this Strategy Workshop

Want to grow your sales but don’t know where to start?  Growing sales is not easy. In fact, it’s the most difficult factor to control in business. You are always at the mercy of fickle customers and changing market conditions.

By attending this 1 day strategy workshop, you can regain control over your sales. The workshop enables you to critically examine your business potential to grow sales in a systematic manner. Discover new opportunities by:

  1. creating a game plan for your sales growth
  2. establishing priorities
  3. choosing realistic tactics to bring your sales strategy to life

Take the first step. You can save time, avoid wasted efforts and grow your sales by attending. To help refine your execution after the workshop, a coaching package is also included.

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The Winning strategies book

Are your customers delaying their purchases? Are they more price sensitive? Are they buying elsewhere?

The research contained in the Winning Strategies: 9 Steps Blueprint to Grow your Business book shows that you are probably being impacted by digital disruption without even realising it.

This strategy workshop is modelled on the insights contained in the Winning Strategies book by Shehan Wijetilaka.

This workshop is specifically designed to help small business owners and executives to apply the concepts and insights from the 9 Steps Blueprint to grow their businesses.

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Sounds great, but what does this workshop deliver

We will help build a Growth Plan that will enable you to:

  • Choose your customers – examine your business growth options and select the most attractive customer segments.
  • Narrow your focus – buying patterns have changed significantly. Learn how to adjust how you engage with your target customers.
  • Dominate that segment – create a crisp value proposition that resonates with your most profitable target customers.
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What about the quality of this workshop? Business owners discuss the quality and insights they experienced by participating in this workshop.

Does your new Growth Plan help you compete and win? Business owners discuss how the customised Growth Plan developed in this workshop helps their sales growth.

What’s been the impact of this workshop on your business? Business owners discuss how they can apply the findings in the Growth Plan developed in this workshop, to help them grow.

Workshop Faculty

Shehan Wijetilaka

Shehan is the author of the Winning Strategies: 9 Steps Blueprint to Grow your Business book.

He is an expert in marketing strategy and sales execution. His insights are backed up with over 25 years of demand creation experience in senior sales executive roles, including running a $100 million business line. He also has deep insights in developing new digital business models and is passionate about social media.

Shehan has a B.Sc Honours Degree in Electronics Engineering and Physics from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. He has worked for IBM Corp, Telstra and Huthwaite and is a trusted advisor to many small business owners.

Jim Burke

Jim is an expert in making business strategy work through targeted, high impact people initiatives. He has over 25 years proven success in Australia, the US and Asia Pacific.

Jim has held senior leadership roles with Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now Willis Towers Watson) and the Detroit Edison Company.

As an external consultant, Jim has worked extensively in such industries as professional services, banking and financial services, mining, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, consumer product goods, government and biotechnology. He earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from Wayne State University in the United States.

Greg Montague

Greg Montague is a recognised leader in B2B sales strategy and sales execution.

During his time working in senior executive roles with major multi-national organisations such as KPMG and HP, Greg has worked on managing strategy, national sales teams and alliances.

Over a 35 year career, Greg has had many roles that required taking the sales strategy into pragmatic sales execution models to enable achievement of sustainable revenue to meet profit targets.

Recent Participant Feedback

“This workshop helped us choose realistic tactics to bring our sales strategy to life” 

Tony / IT Services business

“With the help of the expert facilitators, I learnt how to kick start and build a Growth Plan”

Mary / Small business owner

“We got insights, tools and methods from this workshop to help us reach our business goals”

Martin / Management Consulting firm

“The small class size ensured greater attention was focussed on the unique needs of my business”  

Peter / Financial advisory firm

“The experienced facilitators helped me develop a realistic plan to grow our business”

Andrea / Small business owner

“We picked the correct strategy to help achieve our business goals faster” 

George / Restaurant owner

“I now have a sharper focus on revenue growth using short rapid sprints in execution”

Elly / Small business owner

“Moving forward, I can now identify the correct customers that fit into our new business model”

Mike / Head of product reseller business

“This workshop helped me differentiate our business from our key competitors”

John / Small business owner

“We established priorities to grow our business”

Catherine / Cafe owner

“This workshop helped create a game plan for our sales growth”

Andy / Small business owner

“I know how to gain buy-in to execute this Growth Plan” 

Colin / Accounting firm